Find home in wild places

When we deepen our sense of belonging to the natural world, we're inspired to inhabit the home it offers us responsibly.



Backcountry Expeditions

Our expeditions are mission-oriented & curriculum-focused. You can expect to:

1. Develop skills needed to navigate the backcountry responsibly. You'll learn backcountry and horse-packing fundamentals and become a more confident and competent outdoorsperson. You will strengthen skillsets that will serve you during this expedition and far beyond.

2. Deepen relationships. Sleeping under the stars and traveling through the woods as a team, we’re invited to step into the best versions of ourselves. Deepen your relationship to self, others, and the natural world.

3. Think creatively about the role each of us plays in imagining and creating a healthier ecological future.

Wilderness Arts Workshops


We provide the space, structure, and support to create art in inspiring places with the mentorship of leaders in different fields.

We connect emerging and established writers and artists to wild settings. We invite you to build community within a cohort of creative and passionate individuals surrounded by soft muzzles, high mountains, and wet snouts.

You bring the ideas and notebook; we'll provide the horses and opinionated mules.


Why Horses?



Horses attune us to subtlety, patience, and trust. When we work with horses, we become sensitive to a different rhythm. We grow aware of how we walk and where we place our feet. How we use our hands and where we set our sights. We strengthen qualities that serve us throughout our lives—both in the saddle and out of it. Horses help us develop empathy, gentleness, and compassion. Most importantly, they're incredible animals that are a joy to spend time with.

What's so special about the Bighorns?




First off, everything.


You get a little bit of all the good things: rib-cracking cold streams, wide-open meadows, snow-scoured peaks, full-throated songbirds, elk bugling, 100-foot waterfalls, alpine lakes, aspen trees, the sharp scent of pine, a bear or two, summer showers, the milky way, bellowing thunder, moose, meadowlarks, big-horn sheep, Indian paintbrush and lupine, service berries, sweeping winds, and plenty of good grass for our horses.

Our Ethos

We protect what we love, and we love what we know.

We design our programs with this in mind and create experiences that foster a life-long love of adventure and a deep concern for the natural world. We invite participants to think of themselves as a part of rather than apart from natural ecosystems.


We believe the most profound experiences are born from authenticity and simplicity.  We'll carry what we need and leave behind the rest.

We're committed to creating a healthier future for our planet, and we put our money where our mouth is. We invest in carbon off-sets to minimize our carbon footprint, and donate 10% of our profits to conservation organizations working to protect, preserve, and restore wild places.