Cloud Peak Expeditions


Backcountry travel is both rewarding and demanding. Our expeditions go far beyond getting you to beautiful places--we aim to empower you to develop skillsets you'll use during this trip and after. We'll ask you to carry your own weight as part of a team of like-minded adventurers. Cloud Peak is a good fit if you are :

  • Excited to dig deep physically, emotionally, and intellectually while tackling the challenges of rugged and remote back country travel.
  • Prepared to weather summer storms, spend long hours in the saddle, and engage in group tasks and focused conversation.
  • Ready to feed your thirst for adventure, are in good general health, and aren't afraid of a little dirt and sweat.

Backcountry and horseback travel have inherent risks. When you join an expedition you acknowledge you do so at your own risk.


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Once we review your application, we will get in touch with further details and next steps. If you apply to a full trip, we'll add you to our waitlist. Questions about whether Cloud Peak is the right fit? Email us at and we'll be happy to talk it through.