Meet the Team


Robin Walter, Founder

Robin Walter has a deep connection to horses, education, adventure, art, and conservation. She has worked as a teacher, outdoor educator, horse-packer, and conservation writer. She has 20 years of horse experience, 10 years of experience in outdoor education, and has led trips for diverse groups in different places, from the Rocky Mountains to Patagonia.

During the Rediscover the Prairie project, a 3-month horseback expedition across Montana, she gained valuable horse-packing chops and developed a unique perspective about the conservation challenges in the American West. Cloud Peak combines her passion for horses, creativity, and conservation, and she is excited to share her love of mountains and mules.


Carmen Taylor, Program Director

In the 2nd grade, Carmen and a friend snuck out of the house to explore a nearby horse pasture. Since then, her life has been inextricably tied to these animals and their teachings. She believes that forging connections with our wild lands through horse travel opens up profound opportunity to connect with animal, plant, and human relations alike. Carmen holds a BA from UC Berkeley and is currently producing a film about Bears Ears National Monument. Carmen is interested in the stories that tie people to place, and she is excited to share her love of wild areas and horses in her role as programs director.


Meriwether Hardie, Expedition Leader

Meriwether's career has focused on climate-smart agriculture, natural resource protection, sustainable community development, wilderness exploration, and the facilitation of innovative landscape approaches to foster carbon sequestration. Meriwether's passion for food and wild space has taken her around the world - from growing up on her family's farm in Vermont, to working on farms throughout the Northeast, to facilitating training workshops with farmers around the world. After college, Meriwether spent a year as an environmental journalist fellow with Bill McKibben. As a fellow, she traveled to Argentina, bought a horse for $200, and rode from southern Patagonia to Bolivia on horseback and reported on the swiftly changing landscape of Patagonia, specifically the consequences of the competition between traditional agricultural practices and modern land conservation techniques. Today, Meriwether works as Chief of Staff for Bio-Logical Capital, and in her free time, can be found somewhere in the mountains, skiing, biking or leading outdoor education courses for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Learn more about her connection to horses and wild spaces here.


Carly Fraysier, Expedition Leader

Carly Fraysier was born in Wyoming but grew up in Vermont. After a childhood of falling off ponies in fields, she dedicated herself to dressage, competing throughout the east. These days she prefers jeans over breeches, and mountains over arenas. She’s held a smattering of jobs including mosquito trapper, goat milker, backpack maker, farmer, construction worker for a small design-build company, and in various “horse” jobs including on a ranch in Laikipia, Kenya, and on pack trips in the Bighorns. She completed her undergraduate studies at St. Lawrence University and received an MFA in Creative Writing/Environment and Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming. She currently works for Ucross, a non-profit artist residency program. Her writing has been published in Western Confluence Magazine, Green Mountains Review, and she’s the recipient of the 2018 Creative Writing Fellowship in Nonfiction from the Wyoming Arts Council. She’s taught English and creative writing in various capacities.



Meet Pearl, the heart and soul of the whole operation. Pearl is sassy, opinionated, and loyal. She will go to great lengths to get an ear scratch and is an expert at finding the best mud hole to roll in. She loves the harmonica, and will swiftly steal away your heart.




Lil is a quiet, soft, and brave little mare. She is a big fan of bossing everyone around and keeps the whole herd in line. Her spirit animal is likely Cher.




Lonesome is a sturdy old soul. He knows what it's like to be the only man in a herd of mares and is very patient. It is exceedingly difficult to ruffle his feathers, and he needs daily applications of sunscreen on his nose.




Raven is calm, cool, and collected. She is a grape jelly fiend. She is sure-footed and unflappable. She is an all around boss.




Quarter draft horse, Sally towers over us all. She is an exceptional bareback ride, is exceedingly furry, and enjoys picking on Lonesome.




Pipit is a phenomenal ear and toe nibbler. She is a fearless little filly whose antics will keep you laughing all day long.




Banjo is in charge of licking everyone's ears.